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geny1So what is Y Balanced???  Y Balanced is my new hobby, dream and vision of nurtuing and providing resources for the Generation Y woman, and well men you can join in too, on balancing our work, family, community, life and goals.  Everything I read on our (my) Generation usually is about work, how to manage us, how to communicate with us, our pro’s, con’s and everything in between, but usually all related to work.  Seldom, usually only mentioned in context to work, do these articles, research and commentaries, discuss our lives outside of work.  This seems silly to me because if people read these articles, reports and research, we DO NOT value our lives solely on our careers and work.

So what am I doing to combat this, as one of the first Gen Y’ers to have entered the workforce?  I am taking my little technology savvy self and creating a site dedicated to the rest of our lives.  Yes there will be some talk of work but more about how to balance work and life, interviews with successful women, not all employed women, but women who have successful lives.  I am inspired by women who can juggle all that life is, kids, family, volunteering, spouses, expectations and bucking the system however they can.  I want to talk about ideas for decorating our new homes, taking care of pets, services and products that make my life easier, help me and inspire me.

This site is dedicated to all things in our lives.  So I hope you enjoy and can chime in on what makes you balanced, ideas you have and lets all work to change the way we live and love everything in our lives.  This is dedicated to all Y’ers and lets be balanced.